Our Story

Really it all started out with two military veterans who were frankly tired of their local coffee shops overcharging them for horrible coffee. Both being career military professionals they decided to put their skills to work identifying how to drastically cut the cost of coffee while still providing a great cup of Joe. Almost one year later The Coffee Box became a reality.  As a veteran-owned company, we aim to partner with other veteran-owned businesses across the industry.  

 Erik Bowman, USAF

Erik is always looking for specialty coffee that doesn’t have the burnt and bitter syndrome of overcooked and dried out beans often flavored with a shock of sugar.  It’s time we stop paying too much for the world's most common beverage and start rediscovering the rich tastes of real specialty coffee.


Erik is wicked smart and can make nearly anything into a science project... 


As Erik is still active duty this is really all we can say about him right now. 

Commonly known as "Chief", Neal spent over half of his 20-year career working in the field of Special Operations Military Intelligence. Stationed with the SEAL Team THREE, Neal made a name for himself leading the intelligence shop in the capture of over 385 Iraqi insurgents.  Neal met Erik while part of the USTRANSCOM Innovation team where they developed technology-based solutions for the Intelligence Directorate.  Neal retired in June of 2018 and worked as a DoD contractor in the operations training department as the Joint Training Information Management System lead.

ISC Neal Polk, USN (Ret)

Our founders


Our Goal

  • Reimagined quality specialty coffee beverages for a sane price

  • Conveniently served with the dual drive-thru concept

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  • Join us on our journey as we save your taste buds from overly sweetened cups of charcoal masquerading as specialty coffees.

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